February 7, 2023

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How to Train a Lovebird Not to Bite – 3 Necessary Steps to Stop a Biting Lovebird

Some lovebirds have nasty habits; if you want to learn how to train a lovebird not to bite, read the 3 necessary steps to stop a biting lovebird below. It will take hard work, patience and persistence on your part, but birds are very smart and a lovebird can learn to stop this troubling behavior with some extra love from you.

1. Build Trust: A lovebird may be biting for several reasons, but one of the more common reasons is that they don’t trust you. So the very first thing you must do in order to get your lovebird to stop biting is you must build trust between you and your bird. When you work on your relationship with your bird in a calm and consistent manner, your bird will start to realize that they do not need to be fearful of you. Having the ability to interact with your bird with physical contact will not only make your bird happy, but it is bound to make you happy as well, after all it is not fun owning a pet that you are afraid of!

2. Have Patience: While it can get frustrating, every bird is different and you can’t possibly know how long it will take to build trust and get your bird to stop biting; it is important to remain calm and to have patience. Work with your bird a little every day, each day making sure that you don’t do anything that makes your bird feel threatened; this will only slow the process down. You have to stay calm and be patient and realize that your bird will come around if you stick with it and never give up.

3. Start Small: One easy way to start to teach your bird not to bite is to teach them the command, “touch”. To start you can use a pencil and have your bird touch its beak to the eraser. Say the word “touch” and when your bird complies, in a manner you are satisfied with (a nice soft touch, rather than a bite of the eraser), reward them with their favorite treat. Continue on with this training until you can start to use your finger instead of a pencil.

The above article discussed how to train a lovebird not to bite; the 3 necessary steps to get them to stop biting include building trust, having a lot of patience and starting with some small training exercises.