February 7, 2023

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How Much Bedding Do Hamsters Need [+ Calculator]

Hamsters are burrowing animals that stay in complicated underground burrow units in the wild. It is organic for them to produce networks of tunnels with nesting and food chambers the place they slumber and store foods. They even have a devoted chamber they use as a rest room!

Wild hamster’s burrows are typically amongst 55 and 65 cm deep (22-26 inches), and whilst it would be really tricky for us pet house owners to have a cage large plenty of to in shape that a lot bedding, we can nevertheless do our very best to supply ample bedding for burrowing.

Giving only an inch or two of bedding will not enable your hamster to burrow. Here’s how considerably bedding they need to have.

How Several Inches of Bedding Does a Hamster Want

The minimum amount depth of the bedding your hamster wants relies upon on the species of your pet.

Syrian Hamsters

Syrians are the biggest hamster species we retain as animals and they develop concerning 13 and 18 cm (5 – 7 inches) in measurement, so they need a ton of bedding. Ideally, they must have 12 inches of bedding (30 cm) but really do not go less than the bare minimum of 10 inches (25 cm).

Imagine three hamsters stacked on top rated of each and every other. Could you bury them in the bedding? If so, it is deep plenty of. If not, insert extra bedding until the top imaginary hamster is coated.

Dwarf & Chinese Hamsters

For scaled-down dwarf species and Chinese hamsters, intention for at the very least 10 inches of bedding (25 cm), but never ever go less than the minimum amount of 6 inches (15 cm).

By furnishing ample bedding, your hamster will be equipped to categorical their all-natural behaviors, dig and build burrows which is essential for their effectively-staying. This will also decrease their worry degrees and make them less probably to display harmful actions, these as chewing the cage bars or frantically attempting to escape.

Deep hamster bedding

How Does Deep Bedding Gain Hamsters?

Significantly less Stress

Analysis has identified that Syrian hamsters stored with 10 cm (4 in) deep bedding showed substantially a lot more wire-gnawing and a better operating wheel action than individuals stored with 40 cm (16 in) and 80 cm (32 in) deep bedding. In actuality, Syrian hamsters with 80 cm of bedding did not gnaw on wires at all. All hamsters in 40 cm and 80 cm of bedding dug burrows.

So it’s obvious that the far more bedding you can provide, the much better. Your hamster will happily use it to produce a comfortable underground residence.

It Fulfills Their Natural Will need to Burrow

As burrowing animals, digging and dwelling in burrows occur naturally to hamsters. Underground tunnels are their harmless position to hide from predators and come to feel guarded. Even although there may possibly be no predators at your residence, your hamster does not know that. If they are not able to dig and burrow thanks to a deficiency of bedding depth, they’ll want to escape the cage to obtain a new put to develop burrows.

Imagine getting removed from your property and positioned in the center of the woods for you to are living there with out any shelter. That is how hamsters experience when they just can’t create burrows.

Your Hamster Cage Need to Make it possible for Burrowing

As you in all probability found, smaller hamster cages you can generally find in pet suppliers really don’t allow for substantially bedding. Those little cages are unsuitable for hamsters and are not made with the hamster’s very well-becoming in mind.

I wrote about the bare minimum moral cage dimensions for hamsters and some suggested cages that in shape the requirements below. If your current cage is much too compact and just can’t suit more than enough bedding, I extremely stimulate you to switch to one that can. Your hamster will be a ton happier.

A steel barred cage should really have a deep base of at the very least 6 inches (despite the fact that additional would be better) to allow for for the bare minimum amount of bedding. You can also add a deep digging box to compensate for the lack of bedding at the bottom of the cage.

If you’re going to use an aquarium or a plastic bin, all those can keep plenty of bedding but make sure the bin is large ample to in good shape a substantial ample wheel for your hamster on major of the deep bedding.

If you are working with a long but limited cage, this sort of as the Do-it-yourself Ikea Deloft cage, you can fill a single side of the cage with bedding to the prime and leave the other aspect of the cage for a wheel and a sand bathtub.

What to Use as a Bedding

We have long gone into a lot more detail about the distinct forms of protected bedding you can use in our hamster bedding submit. An critical factor to remember is that not all bedding sorts are harmless or optimum to use.

Make positive the bedding you use is:

  • Non-dusty
  • Non-scented
  • Harmless for hamsters (safe and sound if ingested, no poisons etc.)
  • It can hold burrows effectively and won’t collapse when your hamster is digging.

Secure and most well known possibilities for hamster bedding are:

You can also use paper bedding and aspen shavings collectively to present two unique textures.

I suggest also delivering a ‘booster’ on top of the major substrate in the form of long-strand smooth hay. Hamsters really like to use it for nesting.

Bedding forms to steer clear of:

  • Cedar and pine shavings – these varieties of wooden consist of perilous phenols. Although makers commenced heat managing pine to get rid of the hazardous phenols, it’s even now greatest to keep away from it considering that hamsters are in this sort of shut speak to with their bedding and shell out hours burrowed in, primarily with so several far better and safer bedding options.
  • Fluffy cotton bedding – there is a threat of interior blockages if your hamster ingests some of the bedding, and hamster’s limbs can easily get entangled in this kind of bedding.

Supplies that are harmless but not suited as the major bedding:

  • Paper pellets – pellets need to not be employed as the primary bedding as they don’t hold burrows.
  • Tender granule bedding – this can be additional to your hamster’s cage to increase wide variety but shouldn’t be utilized as the most important bedding as it also doesn’t keep burrows.
  • Toilet paper – bathroom paper is a excellent nesting substance but does not deliver odor manage, so it’ll have to be changed each day.

How to Work out How Considerably Bedding You Require to Invest in

Now that you know how significantly bedding you require for your hamster, it is time to do some math so you can get the suitable quantity of bedding. When looking at the product or service packaging, it can be hard to figure out how considerably bedding specifically you want for your cage, primarily when it’s compressed inside of.

Here’s how to work out how significantly bedding you require:

  1. First, compute the dimension of your cage in sq. inches by multiplying cage width by cage duration. For instance, your cage is 36″ x 18″ which comes down to 648 square inches.
  2. Now, multiply the sq. inches of your cage by the desired depth of your bedding, for illustration, 10 inches. Which is 648 (square inches) x 10, which tends to make 6480 cubic inches.
  3. Since bedding size is shown in liters, you have to have to transform cubic inches to liters. To do that, multiply the cubic inches by .016387. The outcome will give you the selection of liters you need to be ready to fill your cage with 10 inches of bedding.

I’ve created a calculator beneath to make it less complicated for you.

Hamster Bedding Calculator

Enter cage width and length and the sought after bedding depth in inches or centimeters and permit the calculator clearly show you how several liters of bedding you will need.

Deep Bedding = Happier Hamster

Deep bedding is an essential portion of your hamster’s cage and probably the most crucial a single. It allows hamsters to express their purely natural behaviors of digging and setting up burrows, though providing them a sanctuary in which they feel safe and sound. This facet of hamster husbandry is essential for the two their bodily and psychological health and fitness.

If your hamster is exhibiting indicators of tension, gnawing on the cage bars and continuously striving to escape, rethink your cage setup and bedding depth. Offer your hamster with at least 10 inches of bedding (12 inches for a Syrian hamster), if not extra. If the minimum volume of bedding simply cannot match inside of your recent hamster cage, that means the cage is regretably unsuitable for your pet and must be upgraded to anything more substantial.