February 7, 2023

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Black Bearded Dragon: Why The Color Change?

Bearded dragons come in lots of various colors and varieties. A single coloration that a bearded dragon can change to is black. In this post, Dr. Jess will focus on what it usually means if your bearded dragon turns black in coloration, if you need to be concerned, and what you can do about it. Read on for extra information on black bearded dragons beneath:

close up of bearded dragon face with black background

Bearded Dragon Hues:

The 8 species of bearded dragons across the world right now, are distinguished from a single a further and named for the distinctions in their spines on their chins and necks. 

This unique pet will get their name from their armor of spiny scales, which involve a “beard” of spikes below its chin and neck that puffs up based on their mood, most commonly noticed when puffed out upset for them to appear to be more substantial to whatever is upsetting them. 

They can attain up to 24 inches very long and weigh up to 18 ounces after full grown. 

They range in shades from brown, to orange, to yellow, to cream, of which colors can change beneath specified instances that will be talked over below shortly.

Bearded Dragon With Black Beard:

If you discover that your bearded dragon has all of a sudden had a beard color improve from their normal colour, to just one that appears to be like a lot more of a black in coloration, then it could be wholly alright – then yet again, it may possibly be a signal to be concerned.

Let’s talk about the causes why your bearded dragon is turning black, so you know if it is something that you should really watch or speak to your veterinarian about.

Black Bearded Dragon:

You do not typically see a black bearded dragon for certainly no purpose – there is ordinarily a rationale that they have modified from their regular daily coloration, to black.

That getting said, there are unusual black bearded dragons on the market that are born black or virtually black.

The info below, does not pertain to black beardies, as they are generally black and are not turning black in color.

body profile view of bearded dragon with black beard

Black Shade Adjust Motive #1: Offended Lizard

Just one very common reason why a bearded dragon would flip black, or at the very least partly black along their “beard” or neck location, is when the bearded dragon is offended or experience threatened.

When angered or in struggle mode, a bearded dragon will darken their beards to intimidate, as properly as open up their mouths to present their receiver that they necessarily mean organization and to back off and not mess with them.

Black Shade Change Explanation #2: Afraid Dragon

When your bearded dragon becomes frightened, they may well transform their shade, especially all-around their beard, just as they could when they are indignant or upset.

This color modify signifies that the bearded dragon is upset one way or a further, whether it is indignant or terrified.

Check the bearded dragon’s environment to make positive that there is almost nothing in their environment that could perhaps be scaring them – other animals, new noises, sturdy odors or cleansing merchandise, etc.

Black Coloration Adjust Purpose #3: Brumation

Brumation is a type of hibernation that sure animals, like bearded dragons, go into when meals is extra scarce and temperatures dip.

On the other hand, in captivity, bearded dragons do not always require to go into brumation if husbandry methods are good and nicely.

Therefore, your domesticated pet beardie might or may not go into brumation.

Brumation can look like other items like a sick bearded dragon, as several of the indicators of brumation can also be indications and indicators of an ill dragon.

If your pet bearded dragon does go by way of brumation whilst in your treatment, you could discover a shade modify. The dragon could convert a darker coloration, sometimes as dim as turning to black.

Your beardie may well be transforming shades to consider and seize some heat sun rays to help them heat up. Bearded dragons are lizards and are cold-blooded animals.

These cold-blooded ectotherms depend on their outside the house ecosystem to control their temperature – they cannot do it internally like us people can.

Just one easy and fast way for a lizard to enhance their temperature is to adjust to a darker color to absorbs far more warm rays from the sun.

black and white image of two bearded dragons basking on one another

Black Coloration Transform Rationale #4: Disease

When a beardie is ill, they could extremely perfectly transform hues, and lots of times its a darker colour improve, occasionally black. Why is this?

A person typical purpose is lack of blood circulation, which potential customers to reduce physique temperatures.

With lessened blood circulation owing to illness, or with decreased physique temperatures thanks to a amount of disorders, your ectotherm of a pet (an animal that must use their exterior environment to regulate their inside human body temps) will darken their pores and skin shade in buy to take up extra heat, as a result warming their bodies from the outside the house in.

Black Color Improve Cause #5: Mating Season

Mating time can be a color-altering time in the male bearded dragon’s lifetime.

Which is suitable, male bearded dragons commonly are witnessed with darker, and virtually black beards during their mating time, helping them draw in the major feminine with an even darker beard.

On major of a darker beard, the male beardie may perhaps also bob his head in purchase to earn the awareness of a pretty suitor.

Black Colour Change Explanation #6: Inadequate Husbandry Techniques

Poor husbandry practices, also acknowledged as poor caretaking, can induce a darkening change of colour in your dragon.

When inadequate husbandry happens for a prolonged time period of time, the unwell-retained beardie can come to be unwell.

The sick bearded dragon can then convert black in color thanks to the sluggish blood circulation and reduce system temperature as reviewed in the earlier mentioned “sick” part.

How Do Bearded Dragons Adjust Colors?

Bearded dragons are capable of segmenting or sectioning their overall body coloration to unique pieces of their bodies because they have cells that are referred to as chromatophores that incorporate pigments that replicate unique wavelengths of gentle, and hence transform the color of their skin to the bare eye.

What To Do If Your Bearded Dragon Turns Black:

The initial thing to do is discover any other improvements in your lizard’s habits – are they eating, consuming, usually? Has their activity stage changed?

If nothing at all behaviorally has altered, note their physical setting – check out to see that the temperature and humidity necessities are accurate.

Make guaranteed that they are ingesting a protected and perfectly-balanced diet regime for bearded dragons.

Contemporary drinking water and satisfactory space in their enclosure the place they have many choices to climb, hide, and bask below heat lamps is vital.

Up coming prevent – test on their partnership status – could they be in research of a mate? Could a further pet be upsetting them?


Bearded dragons can be born black in color. Nonetheless, extra frequently, bearded dragons are not in a natural way black, but can alter black because of to a lot of different causes.

Some of these reasons are natural and healthful – these kinds of as when a bearded dragon is indignant or worried or when they are cold and need to heat up.

Other good reasons a darkening in coloration could occur, these as a sick dragon or a badly stored dragon, are not standard and ought to be address with your neighborhood veterinarian right away.