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Aspect consequences, utilizes, choices, cost, dosage, and far more

Aklief can lead to mild or significant aspect outcomes. The adhering to lists have some of the vital facet consequences that could arise whilst getting Aklief. These lists do not incorporate all achievable side consequences.

For a lot more facts about the attainable side results of Aklief, talk with your medical professional or pharmacist. They can give you strategies on how to offer with any facet effects that may be concerning or bothersome.

Be aware: The Foods and Drug Administration (Fda) tracks aspect consequences of medicine it has authorized. If you would like to notify the Fda about a aspect result you have experienced with Aklief, you can do so as a result of MedWatch.

Delicate side consequences

Gentle facet outcomes* of Aklief can include:

  • sunburn†
  • reactions on your skin wherever you implement Aklief, including:

Most of these side effects may possibly go absent within just a couple of days or a few of weeks. But if they become additional serious or really don’t go away, communicate with your physician or pharmacist.

* This is a partial record of gentle aspect consequences from Aklief. To learn about other mild side results, discuss with your health care provider or pharmacist, or watch Aklief’s prescribing facts.
† For a lot more information and facts about this side effect, see “Side outcome details” underneath.

Significant facet effects

Serious facet results from Aklief are not widespread, but they can take place. Connect with your health practitioner correct absent if you have serious facet consequences. Contact 911 or your neighborhood emergency amount if your indications sense life threatening or if you imagine you are having a health-related emergency.

Severe aspect outcomes of Aklief which are talked over in further more element beneath contain:

* For more information and facts about this facet impact, see “Side influence details” under.

Side outcome details

Here’s some detail on specified facet consequences this drug could bring about.

Dry skin

Dry pores and skin is a probable aspect influence from using Aklief. This side effect was noticed in persons utilizing the drug in clinical reports, but it was scarce.

There are methods to assist lower your threat for dry skin while working with Aklief. For more data, see the “How to decreased your hazard for pores and skin side results while employing Aklief” area under.

Irritation, itchiness, or redness or discoloration on your skin

Some people may perhaps knowledge pores and skin reactions whilst using Aklief. Other than dry pores and skin (see area over), these reactions can include things like:

  • discomfort
  • itchiness
  • redness or discoloration
  • scaling
  • stinging or burning

Irritation at the application web page (wherever you use Aklief cream) was the most typical facet effect documented by people employing the drug in medical research. Even so, most people utilizing Aklief didn’t have skin irritation.

In scientific studies, skin itchiness and redness or discoloration also happened. On the other hand, they happened fewer often than pores and skin discomfort.

In unusual conditions, pores and skin reactions can be extreme. If you knowledge a skin aspect impact that you assume may be critical, communicate with your doctor or dermatologist ideal absent.

­There are techniques to help lessen your hazard for skin facet outcomes. For extra information and facts, see the “How to lower your chance for skin facet consequences when utilizing Aklief” portion down below.


Making use of Aklief product may well raise your possibility for sunburn. Among persons utilizing the drug in scientific scientific tests, this was a single of the most common side consequences. However, it did not come about in quite a few individuals employing Aklief.

Through your Aklief therapy, you’ll also want to lower or avoid publicity to sunlight. This includes tanning beds, solar lamps, and other sources of ultraviolet (UV) light-weight. If you have to be in the solar, you must use a sunscreen with a pores and skin safety factor (SPF) of at minimum 15. You must also have on protecting clothing (this sort of as a large-brimmed hat) to cover any spots of skin you apply Aklief to that may possibly be exposed to daylight.

For other techniques to decrease your risk for skin side consequences, including sunburn, see the part straight below.

How to lessen your chance for skin side outcomes even though using Aklief

Aklief can bring about selected skin facet results in some persons. But there are techniques to assist avert these side results during your cure.

Initially, hold in brain that these facet results have a tendency to be far more critical all through your 1st 4 weeks of applying Aklief. These side effects could go absent on their individual with some time.

Sure skin items may perhaps be additional very likely to add to dry skin though you’re having Aklief. In the course of your Aklief cure, you need to stay clear of employing pores and skin products that dry out or irritate your skin. Examples incorporate:

  • solutions containing significant alcoholic beverages amounts or additional fragrances
  • abrasive or medicated cleansers or soaps (unless your doctor or skin doctor tells you it’s Okay)
  • merchandise containing synthetic dyes
  • cosmetics, cleansers, and soaps with robust drying results (these as goods made up of salicylic acid)
  • products and solutions with the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate

Prevent making use of Aklief to sunburned skin, or any pores and skin affected by cuts, abrasions, or eczema. Applying Aklief to these locations can result in pores and skin discomfort, which could be severe in unusual scenarios. You must also avoid waxing as a type of hair removing on any area wherever you utilize Aklief. This is because Aklief could make your pores and skin far more sensitive to irritation from waxing.

What to do if you have pores and skin aspect results even though using Aklief

If you are involved about dry skin, or if you expertise this aspect result even though using Aklief, chat with your medical doctor or skin doctor. They can evaluate doable things that could be contributing to your dry skin, which includes Aklief and any other products and solutions you use. Then, they can aid discover the ideal pores and skin treatment routine for you, like the greatest way to handle your zits.

Your health care provider or dermatologist may possibly suggest sure products and solutions, this sort of as a moisturizer, to enable treat dryness or other skin-associated aspect results. They could also advise you apply Aklief much less commonly, or temporarily end working with it till your facet consequences clear up. If your side outcomes are intense or really don’t go absent with time, your physician may possibly endorse you end utilizing Aklief.

Allergic reaction

As with most medications, some people today can have an allergic reaction right after using Aklief. Delicate allergic reactions were being quite rare in persons having the drug in scientific trials, however.

Indications of a mild allergic reaction can incorporate:

  • pores and skin rash
  • itchiness
  • flushing (momentary warmth, redness, or deepening of skin colour)

A far more intense allergic reaction wasn’t reported by anyone making use of Aklief in medical trials, but like with any drug, it is feasible. Symptoms of a serious allergic reaction can include:

  • swelling under your skin, normally in your eyelids, lips, palms, or toes
  • inflammation of your tongue, mouth, or throat
  • problems breathing

Simply call your health practitioner correct absent if you have an allergic reaction to Aklief, as the response could turn out to be severe. Phone 911 or your community crisis number if your indicators come to feel everyday living threatening or if you assume you are possessing a health-related crisis.